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CORS in a Nutshell

Centralised Online Registration System (CORS) is designed for students to register for their modules; with the exception of students from Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine and Faculty of Dentistry, who should refer to their department for module registration instructions.

Unless you are in one of the faculties mentioned above, you will need to use CORS to register your General, Minor, Breath, GEM and SS modules during the module registration period.

As the University advances towards a broad-based education, students are required to enroll in modules across faculties. CORS is established to facilitate students' registration of modules, based on their preferences via an online bidding system. CORS allows the teaching departments to plan and manage their resources optimally. Since module selection and module allocation are mission critical exercises for students as well as the University, CORS ensures that allocation processes are fair and neutral. Conversely, students must be responsible for their actions.

The bidding system requires students to consider carefully their priorities as each decision will have an impact on their future choices. It is also an opportunity to educate students on the need to weigh their options, make decisions and appreciate the consequences of their actions.

CORS is accessed via NUSNetid; you will need to have your NUSNetid and password in order to be able to log on. Once you have logged on, you will be able to view and select your module choices, and you will also have access to the appeal function where you can submit appeals for module related matters.

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Announcement IconPlease use your NUSNET account to login (e.g. u0512345 - your Windows login account)

System Maintenance
Please take note that the system is unavailable from 19 to 20 November 2016 for maintenance.

Service disruptions may occur during these periods:
Thursdays: 7pm - 7am
Other days: 3am - 6am

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Bright Ideas
Smart Moves

Bright Ideas

Missing module information in IVLE even after allocation.
How can I rectify this?

"I have received notices from CORS or administrators informing me that my module has been allocated, but when I log into IVLE, I cannot see the module. Am I allocated with the module or not? This is causing me a lot of frustration!"

Sound familiar? Fear not. Starting from today, we can put these frustrations at rest by providing you with a new function in IVLE to instantly refresh your modules.

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Making Better Bidding Decisions Based on Reports

To help you make better choices in your bidding, you can make use of the published bidding statistics on this site. In this section, we highlight two important reports - Lecture Groups Available for Open Bidding and Bidding Statistics at the End of Open Bidding.

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Module Planning Using NUS Timetable Builder

There are so many choices of modules that I would like to take. I spent numerous hours of my time mapping out my entire module-taking strategy across multiple semesters. I logged into CORS and I suddenly realised that the modules that I want have timetable clashes. What should I do? Sound familiar? If you use the NUS timetable builder, this sort of unfortunate incident can be prevented.

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Smart Moves

Never miss a CORS announcement again!

As part of our constant effort to make it easier for you to get informed on all the CORS announcements published on our web site, we have recently introduced a WordPress-driven announcement system.

Using this system, you will be able to perform comprehensive searches on all past announcements that may be relevant to your registration needs. But more interestingly, the use of WordPress as an announcement system provides you with a mechanism to leverage on the RSS feeds technology that allows you to be kept informed round the clock on all CORS-related announcements.

All you need to do is to find your favorite feed reader (it can be your browser, Google Reader, or even an email program like Outlook) and add the RSS feed to it (by clicking on the RSS icon above) and you will never miss an announcement again.

If you are unfamiliar with what RSS is, here is a video to help you learn RSS in plain English. And here are some innovative ways for you to make full use of RSS. Try it out and with this you will never miss an important CORS announcement again.

New Policy

New!Changes to Appeal
Processes and Types

The CORS Appeal processes and types have been comprehensively reviewed.

It is important to take note that appeal for modules is now ONLY available after all bidding rounds have ended, and that some of the appeals such as 'Others' have been obsoleted. In their place, more streamlined appeal types have been setup to ensure prompt response to your appeals. Please refer to the CORS appeal policies page for more details with regards to this change.

Please help us and yourselves by filing your appeals under the most appropriate appeal types and avoid filing duplicate appeals whenever possible.

Workload Policy for First Two Bidding Rounds

To ensure fairness in bidding across all Faculties, a workload policy is in place in the first two rounds of bidding so that all students, regardless of which Faculty they are from, are given an equal chance in securing their choice modules during these rounds.

In this regard, the current workload policy is set at 23 MCs.

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Loss of NUSNET password

Click here to reset your password. For more information on Mobile Password Reset, click here.

Make full use iconHow to make full use of this web site?

New students, please go through the 'Using CORS', 'FAQ' and 'Useful Info' pages to help you to understand how to use the system.

Returning students, please consult the 'Useful Info' page.

Regardless whether you are a returning or new students, searching for module-related information can be a chore. To make it easier for you, we have created a comprehensive module information page which you can find it here. Module Info Link

You are also advised to refer to 'Schedule' to make sure that you do not miss any registration dates.

Please remember that it is your responsibility to ensure that you register for the correct modules and at the correct bidding rounds. (Click here for the schedule.)

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